Developed at MIT, our pricing algorithm calculates how much advertisers are really willing to pay for your remnant ads

The JumpYield Difference


Maximum Yield

JumpYield's dynamic price floor

optimization works with your existing ad networks to maximize your revenue.



Zero Time Investment

JumpYield handles all the data crunching and updating, so you can stay focused on building content your users love.



Same User Experience

JumpYield optimizes on the back end, so your users get the same great experience that keeps them coming back to your site.


What customers are saying about JumpYield

"As a web publisher, I want to know I am getting the most from my advertising inventory, but the selection of ad networks and exchanges has always left me feeling overwhelmed. When another site owner introduced me to JumpYield, I realized the potential of their technology, and their personal attention and transparency was refreshing. Setup was simple, and my ads immediately started earning more. It's a relief to know the JumpYield team is working for me to get the most value from my inventory now, and I can get back to building traffic and creating great content for my users."

- Jordan, Founder of GTPlanet

Why JumpYield?


Optimize Your Yield

Our data shows that advertisers are willing to pay more than they currently do for ad impressions. TrueCPM™ Dynamic Price Floor Technology is our proprietary algorithm that analyzes your ad performance data to help you unlock and capture the full value of your inventory.

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Guarantee Your Revenue

We use your current ad setup as a baseline for determining the impact of our optimizations. With TrueCPM™ Dynamic Price Floor Technology, we guarantee you'll make at least as much as you would have without us, or we'll pay you the difference.

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Analyze Performance

JumpYield's reporting provides the visibility to track the performance of your inventory so you can make informed decisions and monitor improvement over time.

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Maintain Control Over Your Inventory

JumpYield's ad controls enable you to protect your brand through advertiser and category block lists to ensure that your users have a superior experience.

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